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luxuriouslexi-30-10-2017-4573113-7 Mins of Pure Bliss; Me, My Divine Spit A Lollipop.mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-06-2020-475675473-П÷▌╔ (10 Min Clip) Tits Toes This is a compilation of videos from a Telegram session. #.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-04-2021-2097527150-П÷▌╔ How bad do you wish you were My Mans Fluffer during his Photoshoot Tip $5 for every.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-05-2020-375485962-П÷▌╔ It doesnБ─≥t take much to get you weak for Me Admire My Beauty. Б²╓О╦▐ #May2020 #Jea.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-08-2019-56010118-What better way to start your morning than by worshipping My sexy #BikiniBody П÷■╔П÷■╔П÷■╔.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-05-2020-375455963-П÷▌╔ Imagine being shrunk down to the size of a tiny man, only to be squished between My t.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-07-2020-615277367-(5 Min Clip) Tasks for My Sissy Slut П÷▓∙ #July2020 #Sissy #Task #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-09-2019-66049742-П÷▌╔ 6 Min of Me getting a pedicure Good boys get to see what color I chose 😉 #FootFeti.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-05-2020-375428330-П÷▌╔ The Ultimate Tease П÷▒┘П÷▓╕ Does it ever fall Do you ever get a taste Do I just te.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-05-2020-375414178-П÷▌╔ Get down on your knees be in Awe at My never ending legs #May2020 #Giantess #legs.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-11-2021-2287368724-П÷▌╔ I canБ─≥t help but Flaunt My sexy body in this new bikini a good boy bought for Me .mp4
luxuriouslexi-31-12-2016-261398-Teasing you fresh out the shower in My new panties bra.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-12-2016-257877-Vid You don't need a sex life. This IS your sex life, it's better.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-12-2021-2314471329-П÷▌╔ Watch Me be Pampered with a Pedi while I sit back relax П÷▒ё Even My nude toes are.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-04-2020-271383733-So close to a 30K Month Only $300 away from My OnlyFans Goal this month П÷≤╝П÷╔╟П÷≥▄.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-10-2021-2259732805-П÷▌╔ How is it Possible that I get Hotter Hotter with each Drain П÷╔╣ Tip Me because y.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-11-2021-2287372960-П÷▌╔ I donБ─≥t think youБ─≥ve ever seen Me Dance Enjoy watching My sexy body move Shaki.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-03-2020-202542429-The Humiliation CEI PTV has officially been sent out 😉 A 10 min clip to quench your th.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-12-2021-2315555715-П÷▌╔ A little Tits Tongue Tease П÷▒┘ What can possibly go wrong ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-31-01-2017-393573-Vid Snapchats to My Alpha.mp4
luxuriouslexi-31-08-2021-2207865638-П÷▌╔ To be smothered by My Big Perky Natural DБ─≥s П÷╓╓.mp4
luxuriouslexi-31-08-2021-2207861001-П÷▌╔ A fun little game to play while youБ─≥re at work for Me or anytime 😉 At home, Out .mp4
luxuriouslexi-31-05-2021-2123442266-П÷▌╔ Spoil Me like the Good boy that you so desperately crave to be.mp4
luxuriouslexi-31-10-2017-4613687-Vid Fresh Pedi П÷▒ё How jealous are you that he gets to massage My long legs slender fe.mp4
luxuriouslexi-31-08-2021-2207863995-П÷▌╔ Haha, you wish you could lick it off My chest What do you think hope IБ─≥m talking .mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-12-2020-1546703230-П÷▌╔ Your Dream girl walking away from you IБ─≥m sure youБ─≥re used to it by now ItБ─≥s .mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-10-2020-1166118804-П÷▌╔ Earlier at lunch today with My Man. Cucks pick up the Tab $35 #October2020 #GoddessL.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-11-2020-1356758529-П÷▌╔ Walking around Braless Lost count how many times guys ran into stuff or nearly crash.mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-10-2017-4573241-Another Spit video for all you Freaks #SpitFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-08-2020-792293993-П÷▌╔ The Hottest Spit youБ─≥ve ever seen П÷╔╣ Losers like you donБ─≥t get to go out for d.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-08-2019-55827983-My Man going down on Me until IБ─≥m satisfied П÷▓╕П÷▓╕П÷▓╕ #Scissoring.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-10-2016-106739-Since you all love My seductive voice so much 😉 Here's 3 min. worth of combined personali.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-07-2021-2177507404-П÷▌╔ Filmed this Custom Video for one of My Lexiholics He loves being degraded by Me My.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-03-2021-2067622887-П÷▌╔ Sneak Peek of My Fresh Pedi How bad do you wish you could massage them Which would .mp4
luxuriouslexi-30-08-2019-56010639-How tiny is too tiny П÷╓╜ #IttyBittyBikini.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-08-2020-792269874-П÷▌╔ SlaveTask Challenge of the Night Б─╒ Get off to My Face Alone If you cum, which I k.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-03-2020-200808310-П÷▌╔ Panty Tease for all My perverts I canБ─≥t get enough of My perfect hourglass shape. .mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-03-2020-200799379-П÷▌╔ Big Fat Tributes are the way to My attention Show Me who My good boys are Tip Me .mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-12-2021-2313349271-П÷▌╔ Get lost in My high arches П÷▒ё WhatБ─≥s your 1st thought when you see arches this h.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-03-2019-26568277-Vid I know you crave to sniff. Smelling My perfect aroma П÷≤▐ #ArmPitFetish #SweatyPits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-03-2019-26568638-Vid How jealous are you that he not only gets to touch My feet, but massage them #FootFe.mp4
luxuriouslexi-29-03-2020-200802040-П÷▌╔ Get down on your knees Kiss My ass goodnight П÷▓▀ I canБ─≥t get enough of this vie.mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-12-2021-2313335581-П÷▌╔ My back deserves to be Worshipped as much as every other body part of Mine Thank Me .mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-12-2016-254305-Vid Playing w these bikini bottoms as I play with your mind.mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-12-2021-2313339312-П÷▌╔ You would much rather Watch Me Hump Air then have your girl Ride you. П÷≤┌.mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-10-2020-1153790502-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥re not getting these back anytime soon #October2020 #Tits #Chastity.mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-09-2016-54736-My seductive voice stunning beauty hypnotize you. Stay till the end for a task..mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-05-2022-2469566821-П÷▌╔ Everyone wants me yet no oneБ─≥s Worthy of Me..mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-05-2020-368468078-П÷▌╔ Showing off My sexy body before My workout П÷▓╕П÷▓╕П÷▓╕ Which would you rather do #.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-07-2021-2175247180-П÷▌╔ П÷⌠╦ Went Cave Tubing Pay for My Experience $75 The water that would drip from insi.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-08-2020-778698360-П÷▌╔ These Live PhotoБ─≥s turned out so hot П÷╔╣CouldnБ─≥t help but watch My ass jiggle. .mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-07-2021-2175228558-П÷▌╔ IБ─≥ve been working out 5 6 times a week ThatБ─≥s probably as many times as you jerk.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-11-2019-94088743-Who thinks you could get these toes wetter П÷▓╕ #ToeSucker.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-09-2016-53452-Massaging My feet feels so good, but it must be painful bliss for you foot freaks..mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-05-2020-368485633-П÷▌╔ Who else loves shiny panties 😉 #May2020 #Ass #AssWorship #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-05-2022-2469569886-П÷▌╔ Imagine what it would be like to Fuck Me. Being So Hot, So Sexual, So Dominant So O.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-08-2020-778700564-П÷▌╔ These Live PhotoБ─≥s turned out so hot П÷╔╣CouldnБ─≥t help but watch My ass jiggle. .mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-05-2020-365046892-П÷▌╔ WhoБ─≥s down for this fun edging game I came up with 😉 #May2020 #Telegram #Edging #.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-09-2016-53458-My bra can barely stay on as I roll around in bed, showing off My body from every angle..mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-05-2020-368472687-П÷▌╔ I love smothering men with My ass #May2020 #Ass #AssWorship #Cuckold #BareSoles.mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-01-2021-2018756103-П÷▌╔ ThereБ─≥s no hiding these Beauties П÷╓╞ Nor will I I have too much fun showing of.mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-09-2016-54729-You're nothing more than a worthless bug craving to be crushed beneath My powerful feet.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-05-2020-364927694-П÷▌╔ How do you boys like My new bra 😉 If you canБ─≥t even focus on it long enough My .mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-05-2020-368492568-П÷▌╔ Showing off. As always П÷▓│П÷▐╩Б─█Б≥─О╦▐ #May2020 #BodyWorship #Tits #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-08-2020-778451346-П÷▌╔ Your favorite Goddess is on Skype tonight 😉 YouБ─≥re not going to want to miss out .mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-08-2019-54998727-П÷▌╔ IБ─≥m such a Tease ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-05-2020-365023867-П÷▌╔ A whole lotta tits, tongue, tips a touch of hypn0 😉 This is Part 1 of a few cl.mp4
luxuriouslexi-28-05-2022-2469560967-П÷▌╔ Public Announcement.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-05-2020-365049647-П÷▌╔ Filthy white socks for sale 😉 Which foot freak is going to be using these as a pill.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-07-2021-2175247168-П÷▌╔ П÷⌠╦ Went Cave Tubing Pay for My Experience $75 The water that would drip from insi.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-04-2022-2437532850-П÷▌╔ Things I can say to My Man but never you. П÷╓╒ You couldnБ─≥t ever. П÷≤┌П÷≥┘П÷▐╩Б─█.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-01-2018-6593277-Vid Who knew laundry could look so hot ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-04-2022-2437525100-П÷▌╔ Even on Vacation I continue to get My body even Hotter П÷▓╙П÷▐╩ П÷▓╕ Sauna time Af.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-03-2019-26261705-Vid Off to My Cycling Class I look so hot in tight leggings П÷■╔ #FitChicks.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-03-2021-2065944737-П÷▌╔ Fit Chick Off to a Hike looking like this.mp4
luxuriouslexi-27-04-2022-2437523600-П÷▌╔ These leggings are so Tight I can barely fit them over My Juicy Ass П÷╓╓.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-11-2020-1332387748-П÷▌╔ Time to Submit your Customs I know how much you love getting little personalized vid.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-11-2020-1332370584-П÷▌╔ Behind the Scenes on Film Day Sneak Peek at a Future Clip П÷╓╚ Shhh #November2020.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-11-2020-1332255209-П÷▌╔ No Nut, FOREVER П÷ ╚П÷▓╕ How long did you last Б─° So, I know we started down this .mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-11-2020-1332224865-П÷▌╔ I Play while you Pay. #November2020 #BodyWorship #Legs #Ass #Walking.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-10-2021-2256996763-П÷▌╔ Deepening your Addiction to My Big Perky Natural Tits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-10-2021-2256995837-П÷▌╔ Beg for My sweet sweet nectar as it drops off My tongue awaiting for you to swallow .mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-11-2020-1332196970-П÷▌╔ Your Purpose is to Serve Fund My Luxurious Lifestyle. We both know thatБ─≥s the onl.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-11-2019-92942201-Would you follow Me into the Forest on your hands and knees П÷≤▐.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-09-2019-64358933-П÷▌╔ Shipping these filthy sandals chewed up gum to My foot freak П÷▒ё.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-10-2021-2256994855-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥re in such a Blissful state of Mind when youБ─≥re under My control. Worshipping.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-10-2021-2256998278-П÷▌╔ How bad do you wish you were this pillow 😉 Would you want to cum if it meant the se.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-07-2020-595354913-П÷▌╔ My favorite color Although you canБ─≥t even focus on that even if you tried. Your mi.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-09-2016-51487-Feeling Myself turns Me on like no one else can.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-07-2020-595372041-П÷▌╔ ItБ─≥s bath time Chop chop This bathing suit isnБ─≥t going to hang itself up. This .mp4
luxuriouslexi-23-06-2020-458380429-Telegram Chat Session The ending is so cruel yet creative П÷≤┬ Fetishes Armpit, Spit, A.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-12-2021-2311163399-П÷▌╔ Slave Task involving Light C.B.T My Sexy Flirtatious Tongue 😉 Who can complete it.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-12-2021-2311164747-П÷⌠╥ Your Obsession for Me never ends. It Only Grows. Even when weБ─≥re not in a live sess.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-01-2021-2017092392-П÷▌╔ What your view would be when you first see Me in Flesh.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-05-2019-34074847-Watch Me make out with the man youБ─≥ll never be П÷▓▀ #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-07-2020-592636182-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥ll never be worthy of these tits YouБ─≥ll never get to have them in your mouth.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-01-2021-2017088308-П÷▌╔ Seeing this view hearing My sexy seductive voice makes it so hard to not relapse. N.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-01-2021-2017090476-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥ve never wanted to rub lotion on My body this bad before П÷≤▐ Tip to buy Me mo.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-12-2016-245962-Vid I love tormenting you with My long legs sexy feet.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-10-2020-1136284529-П÷▌╔ Me after leaving you in the basement Comment what goes through your mind. Where IБ─≥.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-10-2019-76377971-I want more sexy knee highs П÷≤█.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-12-2016-244712-My ass never looked so hot Watch Me tease you as I slowly drain your bank account.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-12-2019-111392255-Laughing Telling My friends how ridiculous some of your pindicks are П÷≤┌.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-10-2019-76377681-What your view would be like down on your knees.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-09-2020-958627724-П÷▌╔ (5 Min Clip) JOI to My Tits #September2020 #Tits #JOI.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-08-2020-771481059-П÷▌╔ My Mans going to get very lucky tonight when he rips off this sweater sees this ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-08-2020-766576385-П÷▌╔ (5 Mins) I love Teasing Denying you slaves П÷≤┬ Enjoy edging to My tits 😉 Watch .mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-09-2016-50997-You lucky boys no longer have to guess what panties I was wearing that night out.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-04-2020-258816663-П÷▌╔ No wonder why you serve Me My body was made to be worshipped П÷■╔ П÷■╔ П÷■╔ #April2.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-09-2020-958658054-П÷▌╔ IБ─≥m the reason you have a spitfetish Thank Me by sending a Tip П÷▓╖ #September202.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-09-2020-958680699-П÷▌╔ My tits own you. #September2020 #Tits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-04-2019-29607250-I love the way He grabs My ass П÷█▒.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-03-2020-195618898-П÷▌╔ Sneak peek at one of My chat Telegram sessions 😉 Using My body to manipulate you .mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-03-2020-193726728-П÷▌╔ Grip your cock tight as you watch My cleavage bulge out of this tight sports bra #Ma.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-06-2019-39717492-Sent this to one of My good cucks who loves My #thighbrows П÷≤▐.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-03-2020-193649278-П÷▌╔ This sports bra is so tight My Man just confirmed it. #March2020 #SportsBra #Tits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-04-2019-29541313-Vid My Tits are Perky AF tonight П÷╔╟ CanБ─≥t help but play with them.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-04-2019-29607689-Not for Betas eyes 😉 #YouWish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-03-2020-193636678-П÷▌╔ The things you would do to kiss any inch of My perfect body. WhatБ─≥s the nastiest or.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-10-2020-1130275664-П÷▌╔ Aw, are you jealous of other men getting My attention ItБ─≥s quite simple how to ge.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-02-2021-2040756682-П÷▌╔ My Skin looks even more flawless in the sun Б≤─О╦▐ Where do you think IБ─≥m headed.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-01-2021-2016323861-П÷▌╔ My Arches are so High П÷▒ё YouБ─≥ll never fit in between them the way My arches fit .mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-12-2020-1512337441-П÷▌╔ GOONOHOLIC Б─° Hey Goonoholic, or should I say Jerkoholic, Chronic Masturbator, Jerk .mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-10-2020-1130311360-П÷▌╔ Candid Walking Clip Catch a glimpse of My bare soles as a walk away. #October2020 #F.mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-04-2019-29607173-Makeout Sesh П÷▓▀.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-12-2020-1511984662-П÷▌╔ Semen Sucker Б─°Hey Cocksucker, when was the last time that you sucked cock Did you .mp4
luxuriouslexi-25-02-2021-2040755854-П÷▌╔ Who will get more of a workout at the gym 😉 Me lifting or you pumping that cock.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-12-2019-110785585-П÷▌╔ Perks of having #longtoes I can un do My mans drawstring pants w My feet.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-12-2020-1512058660-П÷▌╔ Goon Binge Б─° Hey Gooner, want to know whatБ─≥s even better than Gooning Feeling .mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-09-2021-2229044294-П÷▌╔ My Tits were made to be Worshipped Stop what youБ─≥re doing Worship them right now.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-09-2021-2229042367-П÷▌╔ Whatever I slip on My sexy body looks extra hot П÷■╔ П÷■╔ П÷■╔ #Arrogant #TitsWorsh.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-10-2020-1130285830-П÷▌╔ ItБ─≥s Foot Fetish Friday Take a Whiff Get intoxicated by My scent П÷▒ё #October.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-12-2020-1512381000-П÷▌╔ Leave her, Serve Me Б─° ArenБ─≥t you like married or in a relationship or something .mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-09-2020-952505474-П÷▌╔ The way I let My Spit Dangle off My tongue, teasing you until you lose every ounce of.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-09-2016-50449-Laughing at My pathetic slave as he amuses Me during a cam session.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-08-2020-759022875-П÷▌╔ Watch Me Walk Away. #August2020 #Walking #Jeans #Legs #Ass #AssWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-08-2020-759013089-П÷▌╔ Jacuzzi Time П÷▓╕ #August2020 #Bikini #Tits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-09-2016-50393-Watch My long gorgeous legs glow in this mini skirt as My slave massages them.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-07-2020-581313228-П÷▌╔ This would be your view while IБ─≥m on vacation I can picture you now cumming in you.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-07-2020-581293912-П÷▌╔ You donБ─≥t deserve to go on vacation. You would much rather spend your money on Me .mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-07-2021-2172095981-П÷▌╔ ThereБ─≥s just something about having My feet propped up relaxing in a hammock that.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-08-2020-759001217-П÷▌╔ My Lions Mane П÷╕│ Who now has a hair fetish #August2020 #Hair #HairFetish #Face.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-07-2020-592833506-П÷▌╔ Delicious Surprise 😉 Sent this out this morning to another foot freak #July2020 #S.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-04-2021-2091586859-П÷▌╔ LetБ─≥s be honest, you couldnБ─≥t even handle fucking a girl as hot as Me Tip if you.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-07-2020-581281236-П÷▌╔ My perfect hourglass shape How bad do you wish I was sitting on your face smothering.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-06-2021-2145051335-П÷▌╔ Mm.. the perfect position to Sniff My Ass My Feet But 1st, what makes you think y.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-06-2022-2499542690-П÷▌╔ Enjoy staying at home like a Loser Drooling over Me all night long.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-06-2022-2499544006-П÷▌╔ I not only Smell Amazing but I Taste Amazing П÷▒┘.mp4
luxuriouslexi-26-07-2020-592796407-П÷▌╔ Shipped out these worn shoes to a foot bitch this morning. Left a little treat inside.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-06-2022-2499540330-П÷▌╔ Imagine how silky smooth My skin is.. now keep imagining because youБ─≥ll never be wo.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-04-2021-2091581475-П÷▌╔ Even in a Sports Bra My cleavage looks insane.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-03-2022-2402483493-П÷▌╔ DonБ─≥t miss out on Worshipping Me LIVE on Cam 😉 Whether itБ─≥s on S kype or SP Me.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-03-2022-2402487261-П÷▌╔ Enhancing your Spit Fetish I gave you П÷▓╖.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-03-2021-2063096634-П÷▌╔ You couldnБ─≥t ever get a girl as hot as Me Tight, Toned, Perfection.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-04-2019-29422742-My man feels so good П÷▓╕П÷▓╕П÷▓╕ #Alpha.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-03-2019-26006464-Vid What have you done to earn My holy water П÷▓╕ #SpitFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-03-2020-191925575-П÷▌╔ Up to no good. #March2020 #BodyWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-03-2020-191923465-П÷▌╔ Only OnlyFan members know what IБ─≥m up to right now. 😉 #March2020 #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-03-2019-26006231-Special Good Morning Video for My Goodboys П÷≤▐ #Lexiholics.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-02-2020-159446104-П÷▌╔ Does it hurt Knowing that these 2 perfect handfuls are about to become My mans 2 per.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-02-2020-159443853-П÷▌╔ Goddess always wins. I love teasing Men only to deny them right after This was to My.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-01-2020-133981242-П÷▌╔ Imagine Me picking you up with My toes like I do with this sand.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-02-2017-544982-Vid What would you do with all this Divine Spit.mp4
luxuriouslexi-23-11-2019-91685800-П÷▌╔ I even make casual outfits look sexy.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-02-2019-23299322-Stroking Alphas cock out in public 😉 #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-23-11-2020-1314873002-П÷▌╔ Checking Myself out in between Skype sessions. #November2020 #BodyWorship #Ass #Tits .mp4
luxuriouslexi-23-11-2019-91689684-П÷▌╔ All about the tease 😉 I love watching you squirm as you beg to stroke to My gorgeou.mp4
luxuriouslexi-24-02-2017-544337-Vid Imagine these being your worthless balls being crushed..mp4
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luxuriouslexi-22-11-2021-2281566532-П÷▌╔ As if I couldnБ─≥t get any more perfect; I Do What caught your eye 1st ;).mp4
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luxuriouslexi-22-01-2022-2337935216-П÷▌╔ Playing Footsies in the Back Seat of the Car while you drive Me around 😉 Just wait .mp4
luxuriouslexi-21-09-2021-2226301290-П÷▌╔ Doing that thing with My tongue that I know you love 😉 Just so that I can break you.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-20-04-2020-246393826-П÷▌╔ Playing footsies with Myself. П÷▒ё #ThePose #April2020 #FootFetish.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-18-09-2020-920235847-П÷▌╔ Task for My foot bitch П÷▒ё Comment some more ideas that I can have fun with the gre.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-18-09-2020-920225966-П÷▌╔ My reaction to a new feature I discovered. П÷≤┌ I can have too much fun with this. Ha.mp4
luxuriouslexi-18-05-2020-331861935-П÷▌╔ Your chastity keys may or may not have just fell down My bodysuit are now touching .mp4
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luxuriouslexi-18-05-2019-32922008-Another sexy car ride with My man #CantStopWontStop.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-17-09-2021-2222877039-П÷▌╔ I love giving you new fetishes youБ─≥ve never even knew you had П÷≤┴ One of the many.mp4
luxuriouslexi-17-09-2021-2222881081-П÷▌╔ Birthday Announcement П÷▌┴.mp4
luxuriouslexi-17-09-2021-2222875977-П÷▌╔ Who needs Lube when you have My Saliva П÷▓╕ I love teasing torturing you 😉 Do yo.mp4
luxuriouslexi-17-09-2020-911812306-П÷▌╔ Dice Compilation Game Spit Fetish #September2020 #DiceGame #SpitFetish #Spit.mp4
luxuriouslexi-17-11-2021-2277469594-П÷▌╔ Press your face up against My bare soles Become intoxicated by My scent П÷▒ё.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-17-09-2021-2222865740-П÷▌╔ Even though itБ─≥s My Birthday Month, hereБ─≥s a little Gift for you 😉 П÷▌│ П÷■▓ #S.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-09-2020-908401447-П÷▌╔ Dice Game Compilation Feet П÷▒ё #September2020 #DiceGame #FootFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-17-07-2017-2487285-Vid What if you saw Me at the gym in this П÷▓╕П÷▓╕П÷▓╕.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-16-12-2020-1458959279-П÷▌╔ Nothing but a Beta Cuck This is a Teaser of the Full Clip Б─° Hey Cucky, doesn't th.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-12-2021-2303309160-П÷▌╔ Did an Hour Long Session Roleplaying what a RT Session with Me would be like ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-12-2020-1458686404-П÷▌╔ You would gladly stay locked up in Chastity if it meant you got to do this . . . П÷≤┬.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-10-2020-1083724734-П÷▌╔ How many times can you watch this on loop before exploding П÷▓╕П÷▓╕П÷▓╕ #October202.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-09-2020-908204948-П÷▌╔ Dice Game Compilation Cuckold #September2020 #DiceGame #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-10-2020-1083571824-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥ve never seen a body more perfect Б²╓О╦▐ #October2020 #Tits #Ass #BodyWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-10-2020-1084172299-П÷▌╔ The only thing thatБ─≥s stopping you from seeing this pretty little pussy is this itt.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-10-2016-87764-Watching My divine spit drip from My soft lips has you so thirsty for every drop.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-10-2020-1083527357-П÷▌╔ The only thing thatБ─≥s stopping you from seeing this pretty little pussy is this itt.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-10-2020-1083514949-П÷▌╔ It doesnБ─≥t take much to get that cock of yours hard Especially when I look this ho.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-10-2020-1083866642-П÷▌╔ ItБ─≥s been way too long since IБ─≥ve last spit on you boys П÷▓╖ #SpitFetish #Octobe.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-09-2020-908164585-П÷▌╔ Dice Game Compilation Body Worship (Ass Tits) #September2020 #DiceGame #BodyWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-05-2020-325605333-П÷▌╔ How many Orgasms will I have tonight #May2020 #Tits #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-09-2016-42705-Relaxing while teasing you boys with My long gorgeous legs beautiful high arches.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-07-2021-2164929268-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥re so Lucky you get to be Drained by these Tits of Mine.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-09-2020-908076059-П÷▌╔ Dice Game Compilation Armpits #September2020 #DiceGame #Armpits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-07-2021-2164923727-П÷▌╔ How can you get any sleep at night knowing that I look like this Constantly fantasy.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-07-2021-2164901709-П÷▌╔ I already know you want My spit. The question is, how bad.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-04-2021-2084418733-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥re OBSESSED Did you know that 1 HR was going to turn into 2,3,4,5 I did I kn.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-12-2019-104552810-П÷▌╔ You didnБ─≥t even know you had a belly fetish till now. 😉 #Bodyworship #Homewrecking.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-03-2020-180395969-П÷▌╔ Beg Me to get spanked by these spiked gloves #March2020 #Pain.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-04-2021-2084413423-П÷▌╔ Task for My little girls П÷▓∙ Sissy.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-12-2019-104547126-П÷▌╔ Pt2 Soak your tongue in your own semen. П÷▒┘П÷▓╕ #CEI #CoercedBi #Homewrecking This .mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-08-2019-52099234-Vid Gym Sesh П÷▓╕П÷▓╕П÷▓╕.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-07-2021-2164922047-П÷▌╔ I truly am The Total Package Big Natural Tits, Flat Toned Stomach, Juicy Ass, Long T.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-05-2017-1446124-This slips on as easy as it slips off ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-03-2019-25220101-Vid Get weaker with each step ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-04-2019-28491311-Vid How jealous are you of Alpha Carrying Me around while grabbing My perfect ass. #Cuck.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-06-2017-1929608-All i'm missing is a LUSH bomb П÷≤█П÷⌡│ Tip so I can go buy them. That's the closest you'l.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-04-2021-2084416056-П÷▌╔ I donБ─≥t even have to look at you to know exactly how horny you are.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-01-2021-2009791331-П÷▌╔ Irresistible..mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-12-2021-2302364196-П÷▌╔ Looks like Dinner is on Me Tonight 😉 Open wide while I sprinkle this Freshy shaved .mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-11-2020-1258794054-П÷▌╔ Teaser from a hot Telegram Draining session I did last night 😉 Experience your very.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-11-2020-1259094326-П÷▓╕ NEW CLIP П÷▓╕ Б─°Tits Coated in SpitБ─² Two of your Favorite Fetishes combined that y.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-01-2020-127408969-П÷▌╔ Dinner Date w My Man П÷█╫ Your treat of course #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-11-2020-1258801885-П÷▌╔ You couldnБ─≥t handle two of Me П÷╔╣ #November2020 #Ass #AssWorship #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-03-2018-7870452-Vid Just discovered this new angle of My perfect ass ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-07-2019-44051027-My legs were made to be worshipped П÷■╔ #LegsForDays.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-15-09-2020-897353527-П÷▌╔ (4 Min.) Admiring My Ass П÷█▒ Can you imagine being Me, waking up every morning see.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-09-2020-897239660-П÷▌╔ Follow Me, slave. Up this stairway to Heaven. 😉 #September2020 #Ass #AssWorship #Tel.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-07-2019-44050265-Imagine going on a Hike Seeing this View Б⌡╟ #Thong #BareBum.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-07-2019-44037282-How bad do you wish this was you stroking My Mans Massive Cock 😉 #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-06-2021-2136373088-П÷▌╔ Walking away never looked so hot.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-15-04-2021-2083432076-П÷▌╔ My Reaction to your Dick.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-15-04-2021-2083429463-П÷▌╔ Showing off how perfect I am while Checking Myself out.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-06-2020-429749315-This is a Humiliation Dick Rating for My Piece of Shit slave Enjoy it for Free I love ho.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-03-2021-2055011890-П÷▌╔ Slave Task Make Me a #Lexiholic Fan Sign.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-04-2021-2083430713-П÷▌╔ What do you think of when you see yourself in the mirror You definitely donБ─≥t thin.mp4
luxuriouslexi-16-01-2020-127409396-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥re not worthy. П÷√∙П÷▐╩.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-06-2019-37586264-YouБ─≥ve never seen Me this dirty before П÷≤╝.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-04-2020-236193398-NEW Clip Preview for Eat My Filthy Feet, Freak . Check your inboxes NOW 😉 (15 min clip.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-12-2021-2301432630-П÷▌╔ Behind the Scenes Footage of one of My PhotoshootБ─≥s П÷■╔ П÷√╓.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-12-2021-2301432948-П÷▌╔ My Photographers are so lucky to have the honor of capturing My Beauty.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-03-2021-2055010712-П÷▌╔ If you were My server Telegram session during one of My foot sluts while heБ─≥s at h.mp4
luxuriouslexi-15-03-2021-2055006623-П÷▌╔ Tricking you into your first kiss, Virgin.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-12-2021-2301408240-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥re anything I want you to be Like putty in My hand to Mold as I please. Cocksu.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-12-2020-1443771146-Sunday is for Worship П÷≥┤П÷▐╩Б─█Б≥┌О╦▐ Tonight I want you blocking off an entire hour to.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-12-2019-103773165-П÷▌╔ Smothering My Mans face w My divine ass #Cuckold Sent this video to one of our good .mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-12-2019-104536926-I put on this sexy little outfit. . but not for you to enjoy. П÷√∙П÷▐╩ #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-12-2019-104544836-П÷▌╔ Pt1 All of your time, money, cum loads belong to ME П÷▓╕П÷▓╦ #Homewrecker This is.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-11-2019-86187652-П÷▌╔ Watch how thirsty you get as you watch My spit drip down My wet tongue. П÷▒┘П÷▓╕.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-09-2020-889831252-Dice Game П÷▌╡ Round 1 Б─╒ SPH Cuckold Play Along Add a 0 at the end to feel an even.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-10-2016-84286-Enjoy My hot body sexy voice as i tease you into further submission via this clip.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-09-2020-889862241-Dice Game П÷▌╡ Round 1 Б─╒ Cuckold Coerced Bi Slut Task at the end 😉 Whatever the die l.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-09-2020-889848250-Dice Game П÷▌╡ Round 1 Б─╒ Tits Spit Play Along Add a 0 at the end to feel an even b.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-09-2020-889839106-Dice Game П÷▌╡ Round 1 Б─╒ Findom Play Along Add a 0 at the end to feel an even bigger.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-09-2020-889875720-Dice Game П÷▌╡ Round 1 Б─╒ Relapse Go in Debt for Me Play Along Add a 0 at the end t.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-09-2020-889943344-Dice Game П÷▌╡ Round 2 Б─╒ JOI Edging Task Play Along Add a 0 at the end to feel an .mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-09-2020-889931838-Dice Game П÷▌╡ Round 1 Б─╒ Belly Addict Play Along Add a 0 at the end to feel an even .mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-11-2019-86185387-П÷▌╔ Quick Guess what color panties IБ─≥m wearing under this little black dress П÷≤▐.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-08-2020-701940123-П÷▌╔ I love creating new fetishes for you boys 😉 #August2020 #Telegram #BodyWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-09-2019-60558761-How good does it feel to be MY good boy; to such a hot brat П÷▓▌ #Findom #BodyWorship #Na.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-03-2020-178946117-П÷▌╔ Admire every inch of My body as I walk away from you taking everything #March2020 #B.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-08-2019-51753741-Part of My KIK Session w My Homewrecking BBC Slave.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-08-2019-51640048-Clip П÷▌╔ How bad do you wish you were the one to get Him hard П÷▒┘П÷▓╕ #Cocksucker #Cuc.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-04-2019-28340293-Vid Car rides with #Alpha are so hot. П÷▓╕.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-11-2020-1248868296-П÷▌╔ I donБ─≥t need your money, I just like taking it from you IБ─≥m already rich. П÷▓│.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-02-2017-484431-Vid Spend your night drooling over My red pedicure.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-12-2019-102412974-П÷▌╔ Sent this to My good boy who purchased these converse..mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-11-2020-1248895562-П÷▌╔ I love breaking you down humiliating you The more disgusting it is, the more you g.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-12-2020-1438630655-П÷▌╔ I love being such a Tease 😉 Makes it so easy in outfits such as this one … #Decem.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-02-2017-482186-Vid Prepare to be Homewrecked.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-12-2019-103732929-П÷▌╔ My pleasure always comes 1st What do you envision IБ─≥m smiling about.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-11-2019-85638122-П÷▌╔ You have the kind of cock a girl has to ask if itБ─≥s even in yet П÷≤┌ #SPH #IttyBit.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-09-2019-60223848-П÷▌╔ This oneБ─≥s for you, BetaBitch П÷≤┬ #SPH #BodyWorship #Cuckold #Assworship #Findom .mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-10-2021-2245747878-П÷▌╔ As if My Spit couldnБ─≥t get any Hotter Listen to this П÷╔╣.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-11-2019-85639180-П÷▌╔ Do you deserve to cum П÷▓╕ YouБ─≥re not cumming until IБ─≥m satisfied Until I give .mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-11-2016-135243-2 min clip of pure sexiness and dominance.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-11-2020-1248837063-П÷▌╔ You canБ─≥t get enough of My spit П÷▓╖ #November2020 #SpitFetish #Spit #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-11-2020-1248827534-П÷▌╔ Humiliating My Pathetic Foot Bitch П÷▒ё #November2020 #Humiliation #FootFetish #Tele.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-11-2019-85637503-П÷▌╔ You donБ─≥t even know where to stare. Every body part of Mine is perfection. IБ─≥m th.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-05-2020-316659922-П÷▌╔ Imagine My long toned legs wrapped around your neck, scissoring you Gasping for air..mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-12-2020-1438605995-П÷▌╔ The World canБ─≥t handle My Perfection #December2020 #Tits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-02-2017-481786-Vid Does it scare you Knowing I can get you to do anything for Me.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-09-2016-38402-You love hearing My voice; especially when it's telling you how much of a Pathetic Piggy y.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-08-2018-12342582-Enjoy this clip of My filthy bare soles as I ignore you like the pathetic foot freak you a.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-05-2020-316957043-П÷▌╔ What turned you on the most about this sexy video 😉 #May2020 #Bikini #BodyWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-02-2017-484414-Vid You love the fact a hot 21 yr old controls your finances.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-09-2019-60221729-П÷▌╔ These boxers are so tight, AlphaБ─≥s massive cock is about to tear right through them.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-12-2019-103759614-П÷▌╔ Б─°YouБ─≥re trapped. ThereБ─≥s no going back now.. why would you ever want to.Б─°.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2022-2423593799-П÷▌╔ Roleplay Gym Perv Who wants the full series ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2022-2423589066-П÷▌╔ Beg for the Opportunity to become My ATM П÷▓╦.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-10-2020-1066357232-П÷▌╔ So bouncy perky perfect #October2020 #Tits #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2021-2082079920-П÷▌╔ Outfit of the Night CanБ─≥t ever go wrong with tiny little crop tops that show off .mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-05-2020-316847803-П÷▌╔ Always strive to be better, Loser #May2020 #Bikini #BodyWorship #FullBody.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2021-2082111962-П÷▌╔ Jean Shorts Long Toned Legs.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-12-2019-103731610-П÷▌╔ I canБ─≥t get enough flaunting these red calvins on My sexy body П÷■╔ П÷■╔ П÷■╔.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-12-2020-1438377776-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥re so CUCKED #December2020 #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-02-2021-2031029671-П÷▌╔ Goodnight My Lexiholics П÷▓╓ I already know youБ─≥ll be having wet dreams ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2017-991313-Vid You love watching Me relax by the water while you slave away at work for Me.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2020-230648450-П÷▌╔ Easter Game YouБ─≥ve never seen Easter done quite like this 😉 RULES Б─╒ Tip $5 t.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2017-991201-Vid She can't get you as hard as I can #Homewrecking.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2019-28242294-Vid I love how I can play with My Natural DБ─≥s whenever I please П÷≤█ #PerkyPerfection.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2022-2423587796-П÷▌╔ Showing off My Juicy Ass П÷█▒.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-02-2021-2031026800-П÷▌╔ You wonБ─≥t ever get enough of Me YouБ─≥re Obsessed with Me.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-04-2021-2082080269-П÷▌╔ May be My new favorite bra.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-03-2020-178943546-П÷▌╔ You canБ─≥t have Me. #Cuckold #March2020 #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-02-2021-2031028423-П÷▌╔ This red hot lingerie destroys you.mp4
luxuriouslexi-14-02-2020-150017363-П÷▌╔ Which body part of Mine made you the weakest.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-01-2021-2007756759-П÷▌╔ Hey Sissy How bad do you wish you looked this hot You have to stuff your bra to ge.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-01-2021-2007760244-П÷▌╔ All Dates should be Cuck Funded Betas like you donБ─≥t get to go out to fancy meals .mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-11-2020-1241552535-NEW CLIP Tug your way to the Finish Line П÷▓╕П÷▓╕П÷▓╕ If the Teaser is this Hot, just im.mp4
luxuriouslexi-13-01-2021-2007753882-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥re forever going to be a little Virgin Loser #January2021 #Telegram #Humiliati.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-12-2019-103132591-П÷▌╔ Tip if youБ─≥ve never seen such a firm round ass so perfect П÷█▒ #HumpDay #AssWorshi.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-10-2016-82045-You foot freaks can't get enough of watching My perfect white pedicured toes tease you.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-09-2019-59986494-Admit it, you love being used by Me. Spending your money, knowing I thought of you for eve.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-11-2020-1242221588-П÷▌╔ Something as tiny as Me rubbing My hands along this sequin bikini gets your dick hard.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-09-2019-59988947-How much would you sacrifice for a taste of My divine spit П÷▓╖ #SpitFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-09-2019-59983810-Fill that slut hole of yours up, sissy bitch П÷▓╕#Chastity #Sissy #CEI.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-12-2020-1431872828-П÷▌╔ B Mail.ed by My Toes П÷▒ё #December2020 #Bmail #BareSoles #FootFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-10-2019-70707984-Watch each drop of spit glide down My slender smooth soles П÷▒ёП÷▓╖.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-05-2019-31943590-Vid It feels so good to spend on Me.. a new sense of purpose..mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-05-2019-31941347-Vid Get fucked up for Me, .. Virgin.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-01-2018-6230295-Vid So perfect hard to believe theyБ─≥re real #Braless.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-04-2020-228463696-П÷▌╔ So perfect, plump, unattainable Enjoy your view beneath Me. Where you belong #Apr.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-05-2019-31941879-Vid Your GF will never compare to Me, neither will you..mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-03-2022-2390107376-П÷⌠╥ Worship My Strong back.mp4
luxuriouslexi-12-05-2019-31973399-Vid ItБ─≥s just that much hotter when itБ─≥s out in public 😉 #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-12-2021-2299348570-П÷▌╔ ThereБ─≥s just something about Red Lingerie that sets you over the Edge П÷╔╣.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-12-2021-2299345195-П÷⌠╥ Your money looks so Hot on Me П÷╔╣ I want more sexy clothes to Tease you in. Get to .mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-12-2019-102355132-П÷▌╔ Your Steamy Sweaty Goddess Б°╗ Send $65 to Cover My Steamy Sauna session.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-12-2019-102352288-Sound ON П÷■┴ #Cuckold.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-11-12-2019-102366021-П÷▌╔ Sweaty toe wiggles. П÷▒ё.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-12-2019-102368449-П÷▌╔ Tour of My hotel room w My own private sauna.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-11-2019-84899330-П÷▌╔ You love watching My long slender legs walk as you crawl behind Me on the ground awai.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-11-2020-1235278340-П÷▌╔ Goon over My Massive Tits, Cuck #November2020 #Tits #Cuckold #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-11-2021-2272130927-П÷▌╔ Pedicure Time Foot Stone Massage Foot Shavings.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-11-2019-84898462-П÷▌╔ How bad do you wish to lotion our bodies serve us drinks while we relax П÷▒ё #Mond.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-11-2019-84383075-П÷▌╔ If you were to get a GF, she would be a Loser just like you Because you attract what.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-11-2020-1235181384-П÷▌╔ Video I sent to My Loser Sissy Bitch Cuck #November2020 #Cuckold #Sissy #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-10-2020-1054623833-П÷▌╔ Every inch of Me is Perfection #October2020 #BodyWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-10-2020-1054588790-П÷▌╔ My Tight Toned Stomach #October2020 #Stomach.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-10-2016-80391-Turning Myself on in lingerie while I tease u w My seductive voice smoking body.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-10-2020-1054582378-П÷▌╔ You get so weak for My tits #October2020 #Tits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-10-2020-1054598793-П÷▌╔ Imagine being My thong wedges between My ass cheeks #October2020 #Ass #AssWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-11-2019-84381961-П÷▌╔ You would rather jerk off to Me than have sex with your wife #Homewrecker Want more .mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-11-2019-84382378-П÷▌╔ IБ─≥ve ruined your sex life. You canБ─≥t even get hard for her anymore You need Me. .mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-09-2020-872986503-П÷▌╔ Tongue or Tits Which one set you over the edge 😉 #September2020 #Tongue #Tits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-06-2019-36945279-Vid Some morning Ass Bare Sole Worship П÷≤▐.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-06-2019-36943250-Vid Good Morning My #Lexiholics Б≤─О╦▐.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-09-2020-872944703-П÷▌╔ Converting random guys in My vanilla DMБ─≥s into My paying slaves. П÷▓│П÷▐╩Б─█Б≥─О╦▐ .mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-06-2019-36943453-Vid What would you give to Sniff My Pits in the morning #PitFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-09-2020-872979159-П÷▌╔ Beach Day П÷▐√ Who now has an underboob fetish 😉 #September2020 #Bikini #Underboo.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-09-2020-872899759-П÷▌╔ Morning Message for My Fans 😉 #September2020 #Findom #Travel #BodyWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-02-2020-147925325-П÷▌╔ Sneek peak at some of the toys IБ─≥ll be using for tonightБ─≥s session Can you beli.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-05-2020-307365863-П÷▌╔ Look at that natural jiggle П÷╓╓ IБ─≥m obsessed with My own boobs. #May2020 #Tits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-04-2020-226328744-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥ve never felt so weak for cleavage before #April2020 #Tits.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-10-12-2020-1419814429-On Skype Telegram 😉 LetБ─≥s have some fun П÷≤┬ Also doing little mini sessions on OF .mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-05-2020-307357450-П÷▌╔ How long do you think itБ─≥ll take before My Man rips this lingerie off Me П÷■╔П÷■╔.mp4
luxuriouslexi-11-04-2021-2080219259-П÷▌╔ Bikini Boobs You wouldnБ─≥t be able to hide your erection if you were on the boat wi.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-09-07-2019-42481584-Guess how this tiny white top got torn ;).mp4
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luxuriouslexi-09-10-2021-2242630214-П÷▌╔ Having fun riding My slave as he crawls around П÷≤┌ He clearly needs more training.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-08-05-2022-2448323466-П÷▌╔ П÷⌠╦ I love walking into My Neighbors place randomly when heБ─≥s not home just to tak.mp4
luxuriouslexi-08-10-2016-74614-A taste of tonight's show I went to in Vegas.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-07-12-2020-1405037033-П÷▌╔ Advent Calendar Day 5 П÷▌│ Now that you feel all humiliated frustrated, today IБ─≥m.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-07-05-2020-293076782-П÷▌╔ I love this color on My toes П÷▓∙ White Pink are definitely My favorite #May2020 .mp4
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luxuriouslexi-06-12-2019-99201064-The reason I donБ─≥t wear bras П÷≤┴ Reposting this because itБ─≥s so hot #ThrowbackThurs.mp4
luxuriouslexi-06-10-2021-2239583447-П÷▌╔ Making My Feet Extra Smooth just so that they glide off your tongue easier while you .mp4
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luxuriouslexi-06-01-2021-2002506661-П÷▌╔ Hey Pindick, it this low cut top too much for you to handle 😉 Haha youБ─≥re about .mp4
luxuriouslexi-06-01-2021-2002524364-П÷▌╔ No point in resisting, we both know IБ─≥ll get it out of you anyway 😉 #January2021 .mp4
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luxuriouslexi-05-12-2019-98650749-П÷▌╔ Enjoy this lingerie on Me before My man rips it off ;).mp4
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luxuriouslexi-06-04-2020-216169196-П÷▌╔ Me being a Spoiled Brat П÷▓▌ #April2020 #Findom #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-05-07-2020-502604234-П÷▌╔ Who knew spit could be so hot П÷▓╖ Especially in this fiery red lingerie П÷■╔П÷■╔.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-05-04-2020-213921014-П÷▌╔ Mm.. that ass grab tho П÷█▒ #YoureNotWorthy #April2020 #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-05-05-2021-2101154757-П÷▌╔ This white top is already so sheer as it is.. can you imagine if I were to drip water.mp4
luxuriouslexi-05-04-2020-214053335-П÷▌╔ Admit it, Staying up late playing with Me is worth the sacrifice Now that you got My.mp4
luxuriouslexi-05-04-2022-2415084974-П÷▌╔ I love Teasing My Boy Toys. П÷≤² I told him he only had 15 Mins to come Fuck Me..mp4
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luxuriouslexi-05-04-2022-2415081191-П÷▌╔ Snap Fetish ACTIVATED Also, Scent Fetish Yes, I smell just as Amazing as I Look.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-05-01-2020-118660618-П÷▌╔ HowБ─≥s this for a snack.. П÷≤▐ #SoleSpitting.mp4
luxuriouslexi-05-01-2020-118653654-П÷▌╔ ItБ─≥s so wet juicy. . you crave it.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-11-2021-2265172620-П÷▌╔ Definitely had way too much fun whipp ing everyone at the Halloween Parties I went to.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-11-2020-1193594813-П÷▌╔ My arches fit so well inside of each other like a puzzle piece Only thing thatБ─≥s m.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-12-2019-97875024-When you wear an outfit as hot as this look like Me, your drinks are always free П÷▓│.mp4
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luxuriouslexi-04-11-2019-81117032-My ass is so Mesmerizing. You canБ─≥t help but feel weaker weaker for Me П÷█▒ #AssWorsh.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-11-2016-117945-Watch Me as I prep your next few meals ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-09-2019-57320291-П÷▌╔ Getting My toes wet П÷▒ёП÷▓╕ #FootFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-06-2021-2127014881-П÷▌╔ Mesmerizing you with My Big, Bouncy, Tan Tits П÷▄─.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-09-2019-57319022-П÷▌╔ Behind the scenes of a KIK Session IБ─≥ll be combining uploading a few clips from .mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-10-2020-1012630927-П÷▌╔ Who wants more spit content П÷▓╖ #October2020 #Spit #SpitFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-10-2020-1012623853-П÷▌╔ My bare soles control you П÷▒ё #October2020 #BareSoles #FootFetish #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-09-2019-57316591-Playing footsies in My new knee highs П÷▒ёП÷▓∙.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-09-2020-831086359-П÷▌╔ Sneak away from wifey to Worship Me 😉 DonБ─≥t worry. I doubt sheБ─≥ll realize your .mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-09-2020-831139194-П÷▌╔ New Bodysuit П÷⌡█ Yet IБ─≥m sure your eyes are glued to My massive tits popping out.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-06-2019-35665740-You wish, Loser П÷√∙П÷▐╩.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-06-2019-35667213-HereБ─≥s a cute little video of Me a Llama in Peru П÷╕≥ П÷▓∙ Comment if you want more e.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-04-2020-212364097-П÷▌╔ You know you want it, Cocksucker 😉 #StrapOn #April2020 #StrapOn #CoercedBi #Sissy.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-04-2020-212372601-П÷▌╔ You boys seem thirsty HereБ─≥s some spit П÷▓╖ #SpitFetish #April2020 #Spit #SpitFet.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-05-2019-30701421-A #Cuckolds Fantasy. П÷▓·.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-06-2020-388813852-П÷▌╔ (7 Mins) You love getting fucked by My strap on while hearing about My amazing sex li.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-04-2020-212359201-П÷▌╔ (10 mins.) Stroke Slurp to My Filthy Feet 😉 You've never seen My feet this filthy .mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-05-2020-283369318-П÷▌╔ FREE #SlaveTask Б─╒ For every new subscriber I get tonight (TILL MIDNIGHT PST) I will.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-04-2020-210054347-П÷▌╔ HereБ─≥s a compilation of Dick Ratings 11 15 Which one was your favorite Dick R.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-12-2021-2291345439-П÷▌╔ Fresh New Pedicure П÷▒ё I love the way the color changes in the light Reimburse Me.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-02-2017-420003-They're huge, they're real Tip My natural perfection.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-01-2021-2001147994-П÷▌╔ Your little Pindick would get lost in My cleavage #January2021 #Tits #SPH #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-12-2020-1376597311-П÷▌╔ I can give you any fetishize I want you to have YouБ─≥re so Obsessed with Me ItБ─≥s.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-05-2017-1279632-Vid Bum Boobs П÷≤°.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-12-2020-1376566183-П÷▌╔ Rolling around Collecting Cash П÷▓╦ #December2020 #BodyWorship #Tits #Ass #BareSol.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-12-2020-1376610849-П÷▌╔ You canБ─≥t help but Jerk your Cock as I Jiggle My Tits П÷╓╓ Watch this on Loop Go.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-12-2020-1376555632-П÷▌╔ Editing Clips Behind the Scenes П÷╓╚ #December2020 #FootFetish #Cuckold.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-11-2016-115700-I'm so Adorable My cleavage looks amazing, as always ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-11-2020-1188784305-П÷▌╔ Tug your cock as you watch Me tug at My bikini string П÷≤° #November2020 #Edging #JO.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-11-2020-1188782186-П÷▌╔ I love the sound the sequins make. П÷╔╣ Sounds similar to cash rolling in П÷╓▒ #Nove.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-09-2020-825077545-П÷▌╔ Wet T Shirt Contest П÷≤┬ Bonus Task at the End #September2020 #BodyWorship #Tits.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-09-2021-2211383032-П÷▌╔ Inside scoop on a very special task IБ─≥m going to assign My slave when I see him ton.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-09-2021-2210785123-П÷▌╔ I love showing off My silky smooth long legs.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-09-2021-2211378611-П÷▌╔ YouБ─≥re such a Freak for My Spit All the degrading things you would do just to be a.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-11-2016-115655-This view is paradise Watch Me dip My feet in cold Tahoe water. #HiddenBeach #Nevada.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-12-2020-1376536265-П÷▌╔ You foot freaks will get off to anything #December2020 #CrushFetish #FootFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-03-2021-2046316663-П÷▌╔ Body Perfection Can you imagine what this white tight tank would look like wet .mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-08-2020-636983399-П÷▌╔ So tight, toned, juicy П÷╓╓ #August2020 #Jeans #Ass #AssWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-04-02-2018-6805337-Vid Out tanning My long gorgeous legs in this beautiful Cali weather.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-05-2022-2443667251-П÷⌠╥ П÷▌╔ I love wearing heels Makes My Ass even more unattainable while youБ─≥re down on.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-06-2017-1710021-My hotel stay alone cost more than most of you Losers make in a week П÷▐² #GoddessLife.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-05-2020-278029763-П÷▌╔ Because you cant get enough of My spit tongue 😉 Who now has a spit fetish #May20.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-06-2017-1708910-This drop of spit П÷▓╖ landed on My chest. Too bad you'll never be worthy enough to lick i.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-05-2020-278034775-П÷▌╔ My bodyБ─≥s a piece of art made to be worshipped #May2020 #Ass #AssWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-05-2022-2443665122-П÷⌠╦ П÷▌╔ Black Lingerie Black Boots П÷√╓ What thought came to mind 1st when you see th.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-06-2017-1710588-Video of My long golden legs in this gorgeous pool #Vacation П÷▐².mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-04-2020-210027241-П÷▌╔ HereБ─≥s a compilation of Dick Ratings 6 10 Which one was your favorite Dick Ra.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-05-2017-1267993-The only thing hotter than Me П÷≤┬.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-04-2020-209976925-П÷▌╔ HereБ─≥s a compilation of Dick Ratings 1 5 Which one was your favorite Dick Rat.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-04-2017-888197-Got hard from that bikini pic Indulge yourself in this bikini clip.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-03-2020-166800004-П÷▌╔ Shiny nail polish, Shiny Shoes, All thatБ─≥s missing is your Shiny saliva sucking My .mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-03-2020-166798467-П÷▌╔ I learned a new trick with My feet today . . Imagine me putting things between My to.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-12-2021-2290412912-П÷▌╔ Post Workout Booty П÷╔╣ I can barely squeeze these leggings back on.mp4
luxuriouslexi-03-01-2020-117227219-П÷▌╔ Watch her massage My feet as you wish it was you.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-11-2020-1185105992-П÷▌╔ Get Excited #November2020 #BodyWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-11-2019-80123249-I love the way My hips sway when I walk П÷≤█.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-11-2019-80125935-Another Spit Video from a different POV П÷▓╖ #BeneathMe #SpitFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-11-2019-80122768-Beg to Drink it Up like a Little Bitch П÷▓╖ #SpitFetish I had a cold when I filmed this. .mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-11-2019-80124935-On another slave funded vacation Б°┬О╦▐ Be a little part of My luxurious lifestyle by sen.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-06-2020-385596587-П÷▌╔ Tip if you love watching My ass get grabbed as much as I enjoy it #Cuckold #June2020.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-11-2019-79733328-Go check your PTV messages to watch this sexy 12 Min. Body Worship JOI Clip ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-09-2020-818055198-П÷▌╔ That Natural Tit Jiggle has you drooling like no other П÷╓╓ Haha. You wish, Loser T.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-11-2019-79741397-Getting foot rubs in between Skype sessions П÷▒ё #FootFetish.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-11-2019-79732833-Go check your PTV messages to watch this 8 min. sexy Humiliation JOI Clip ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-04-2020-208371398-П÷▌╔ Red looks so hot on Me Especially when itБ─≥s a tiny little red thong. How weak are .mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-05-2019-30524547-If you didnБ─≥t have a #Spitfetish before, now you do П÷▓╖.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-01-2020-116510936-П÷▌╔ #ReceiptGame YouБ─≥re going to discover so many new fetishes you never even knew you .mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-06-2020-382360305-П÷▌╔ Edge to this 12 min JOI Clip 😉 I was in the mood to film some new content for you b.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-02-2021-2022561107-П÷▌╔ You want a peek at what a real man gets to taste 😉 Go on Panty Sucker Beg.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-04-2020-208367092-П÷▌╔ From the panty game I played the other day 😉 Who wants to guess what color panties .mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-02-2021-2022554893-П÷▌╔ Pleasing Me is so Simple Practice with Me Whenever I say a command say Б─°Yes Godde.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-02-2021-2022558998-П÷▌╔ Hahaa. When the only natural lighting faces the parking lot so every man woman at t.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-04-2020-208332467-Check your inbox for this hot 8 min. clip I filmed today 😉 Hint hint, if you want to .mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-02-2021-2022551859-П÷▌╔ If My Tits were your pillow you wouldnБ─≥t ever be able to get any sleep.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-01-2020-116508765-П÷▌╔ #ReceiptGame Made this cuck send for one of My ManБ─≥s My dinner date If you mis.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-10-2020-999946110-Your GoddessБ─≥s Clip Store is officially LAUNCHED П÷≥▄П÷▐╩ Go celebrate with Me by bei.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-12-2021-2289441533-П÷▌╔ Showing off My Perfect Natural Body I truly am The Total Package What about My body.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-01-2020-116506236-П÷▌╔ IБ─≥d spit on them, . . But thatБ─≥s your job.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-11-2017-4627212-Vid Taking you into the VS Dressing room with Me ;).mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-01-2017-269583-Vid You can't quit Me, you're obsessed with Me..mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-12-2019-95996703-П÷▌╔ Full clip can be found in your inbox 😉 П÷▒ё.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-01-2020-116499390-П÷▌╔ I love how I make the most casual top look sexy AF П÷■╔П÷■╔П÷■╔.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-01-2020-116507682-П÷▌╔ #ReceiptGame He ended up spending $1.3K on Me today Started by reimbursing a $500 pu.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-07-2021-2151349813-П÷▌╔ A typical outfit I wear out YouБ─≥d probably faint if you saw Me in these skin tight.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-07-2021-2151333815-П÷▌╔ My Confidence Smile get you every time.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-07-2020-486196208-П÷▌╔ Since you all canБ─≥t stop drooling over this itty bitty red micro bikini П÷■╔П÷■╔.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-07-2021-2151348098-П÷▌╔ Go on, take a shot Get intoxicated for Me I know how much you love being used man.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-07-2020-486220562-П÷▌╔ Just discovered a new sexy view of My ass П÷╓╓ Every angle is perfect, but this angl.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-07-2021-2151334695-П÷▌╔ Worship My Sexy Toned Body.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-09-2019-56436493-П÷▌╔ To all My #cuckolds who canБ─≥t get enough of My AlphaБ─≥s #baresoles П÷▒ё 1st to Tip.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-07-2021-2151336745-П÷▌╔ Tongue Tease П÷▒┘ I can make anything look hot.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-09-2019-56433555-П÷▌╔ Post Workout What would you do for a whiff of My sweaty gym socks First 1 to Tip $6.mp4
luxuriouslexi-02-01-2020-116505339-П÷▌╔ Sending these Sandals from HS to a good slave He gets to taste so many memories of M.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-05-2020-273529366-П÷▌╔ WOW This is by far My HOTTEST #SpitFetish clip yet П÷╔╣ All My other ones are s.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-07-2020-486103719-П÷▌╔ Itty Bitty Micro Bikini П÷■╔П÷■╔П÷■╔ #July2020 #Bikini #Tits #Telegram.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-05-2022-2441639370-П÷▌╔ Flaunting My Sexy Body You canБ─≥t ever get enough of Me..mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-05-2022-2441640809-П÷▌╔ Who knew licking My Biceps would be so Hot П÷╔╣ Then again, anything everything in.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-05-2019-30378379-Worship. Stroke. Send. Repeat Б°┼П÷▐╩П÷▓╦#BodyWorship.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-05-2022-2441638274-П÷▌╔ You donБ─≥t even need to see it, just watching Myself touch Myself turns you on enoug.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-05-2022-2441639985-П÷▌╔ It doesnБ─≥t matter what angle of My Ass you view, itБ─≥s all so Hot But especially .mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-04-2022-2410810277-П÷▌╔ IБ─≥d use your Tongue as a Washcloth to lick these Bare soles Clean П÷▒┘П÷▒ё.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-04-2022-2410807029-П÷▌╔ Look at this Sexy Tight Toned Body. . then Look down at what it does to you П÷≤┬.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-04-2022-2410803598-П÷▌╔ Become Hypn0tized by My Tits П÷▄─.mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-03-2020-165470974-П÷▌╔ You love hearing about My mans My sex life because your sex life is nonexistent .mp4
luxuriouslexi-01-04-2022-2410801857-Hey Spit Slurper, is this what you want 😉 П÷▓╖.mp4

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